We supply some of the hardest freshest Macoun apples.  The key with Macoun is to know when to just call it a year Macoun apples are great !

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  • Macoun was developed at the New York State Agricultural ExperimentStation in Geneva in 1932
  • Macoun is named for a famous Canadian fruit breeder
  • Macoun Apples are sweet and aromatic, very juicy with, snow white flesh
  • Macoun is best used in recipes for eating good for sauce and salads
  • Macoun apples are known as the New England Favorite Dessert apple
  • Macoun apple is now most famous for being a parent of  the  Honeycrisp apple.

Macoun apples.  Macoun apple or pronounced Macoon, the apple that the New England person has to have.   California might be where you live but if born in New England you still have to get this Macoun apple!  Macoun a great apple that is one of the parents of the worlds most famous apple, Honeycrisp. Along with McIntosh apple, Cortland, Empire, and Northern Spy apples these apples love to be grown where its cold, in Macoun Country.

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